A DCP Case Study: Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly

Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly is a 100% Employee Owned Grocery Store chain of 9 stores located across South Eastern Wisconsin. When the chain began looking for a solution to address ineffective and outdated product rotation calendars, Date Check Pro met that need. “We were looking for a more effective way of checking dates and marking down product to be sold while still within [the] freshness dates,” says Mike Olwig, Vice President of Operations for Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly. “[Our old system] was neither effective nor efficient as it was not always a high priority.”

One of the most valuable outcomes of utilizing Date Check Pro is saving operational time and energy that can then be directed toward assisting customers and providing them with a well-rounded shopping experience. “We are definitely able to use our resources in other ways to directly benefit our customers,” says Olwig. “Anytime we can take more time to give attention and service to our customers is beyond valuable. 

In addition to solving the issue of operational efficiency, Date Check Pro helped Fox Bros. save their customers money. When it comes to the potential to markdown and sell foods at a discount prior to expiration, “the program has exceeded our expectations,” Olwig notes. “[Date Check Pro identifies] product to be marked down that we can then still sell before we have to discard. We’re definitely selling more product that otherwise would have been discarded.”


“Our relationship has been very good over the years,” says Olwig. “The software has been updated to a much user-friendly experience and the team at Date Check Pro has always been responsive to any needs or concerns that we have had.” 

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